How To Be Aware And Choose From A State Of Attention?

What does it mean to be attentive in a world where most people are not attentive with all their thoughts, distractions, and concentrations?

Imagine that you are in a somewhat dark room with a poisonous snake.

At that time you will be very attentive. You do not seek to think about who is right and why the snake is there, or to be distracted, or to be solely focused on your desires without caring about the snake.

You are observing the present situation from your own point of view, then your outer reality as well as your inner truth or feeling.

But if you forget the present situation or the point of view of the serpent, then your outer reality as well as your inner truth, you expose yourself to eminent danger.

If you seek to be right, to win your argument with the snake, do you think that will change things?

In this way, in a relationship, what counts is not one or the other, but one and the other in order to be aware of the situation.

You must observe the situation (reality and feeling) and that is not possible if you intend to:

• Observe : It is to be attentive to what is, to the physical reality and the truth of the present feeling.
• Accept : It is to confirm what it is and not deny it in order to bring into existence what it is not.
• Understanding : It is knowing the nature of what it is and not judging it, condemning it, or qualifying it according to how it should be or has been.
• Being aware : It is understanding, accepting and observing what is and what is not in order to have the free choice to express your nature.
• Being in relationship : It is being aware of yourself and others without any form of superiority.

In a true human relationship, being aware means observing the physical reality and the truth of each person’s feelings, accepting that without denying it, understanding the natural process that has created that situation without judging it and making a choice taking into account the interests and desires of each current relationship.

You only have two choices

Your consciousness evolves when you choose to experience creations from a conscious state of being.

And there can be no conscious choice without being aware of experiencing both situations.

1. Living unconsciously without choosing to be

• React out of habit, without observing, without accepting, or understanding reality and your feeling.
• Unconsciously recreate the same situation.
• Perform the same unconsciousness.
• Accusing or judging others and forgetting yourself as a creator, when problems arise.
2. Live consciously by choosing to be

• Choose between reacting out of habit or acting differently, observing, accepting and understanding reality and your feeling.
• Consciously recreate or create the same situation or a new situation according to the meaning you want to give it.
• Perform the same unconsciousness or evolve in consciousness.
• Understand that you have consciously chosen to recreate or create your life for yourself. That problems are opportunities to evolve in consciousness and that there are no victims, only creators.

Choosing the life you want starts with the only choice we have, being conscious or unconscious of ourselves.